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Useful items for surviving outdoors:

Camp stove paper plates Ice chest Knife, fork, cup Garbage bags Matches Lighter Paper towels Plastic spatula Pot grabber Salt, pepper, spices Water jug
Optional Cooking Gear Aluminum foil Ax or hatchet Barbecue tongs Can opener
Candles Dustpan Grill or hibachi Plastic clothespins Tablecloth Whisk broom
Wood Clothing Cotton pants Jacket Vest Rain jacket Sunglasses Gloves Shorts
Ski cap Swimsuit Hiking Gear Backpack Hiking boots Fresh bootlaces Water-purification Optional Hiking Gear Shoes Sleeping Gear for Camping Ground tarp
Sleeping bag Tent Sleeping Gear Air bed Cot Catalytic heater Foam pad for truck bed Mosquito netting Pillow First Aid Kit Ace bandage Aspirin Soap Mosquito repellent Lip balm Medical tape Neosporin Roller gauze Sterile gauze pads Sunscreen Tweezers Optional First Aid Tape for sprained ankle Cell phone



Matches Sturdy Backpack, Shovel/ Pick, Hatchett, Machete, 72 Hour Food Pack, Pocket Water Filter, Collapsible LED Lantern,  AM//FM Radio, Cooking Pot Set,  Portable Folding Stove, One Hand Fire Striker, Fishing Kit, Titanium Spork,  5-in-1 Whistle, Survival Blanket, Paracord – 100ft, Roll Duct Tape 2″ x 30’, Cotton Tinder, Cable Ties, Survival Guide, First Aid Pouch, 2” X 3” Moleskin, 3/8” X 1-1/2” Bandages, 3/4” X 3” Bandages, Knuckle Bandages, Butterfly Bandages, Alcohol Prep Pads, Iodine Prep Pads, Sting Relief Pads, 2” X 2” Sterile Gauze Pads, 3” X 3” Sterile Gauze Pads, 3” X 4” Non-Adherent Dressings, 1/2” Adhesive Tape Roll, Antiseptic Towelettes, Hydrocortisone Cream, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Acetaminophen Tablets,  Ibuprofen Tablets Tweezers, Vinyl Gloves, Cotton Tipped Applicators, First Aid Guide Mirror Thermometer Fishing rod  Knife Needle-nose pliers Optional Recreation Gear Backpacking cribbage board Deck of cards Folding chairs Hammock Mountain bike Reading material
Other Necessities Bear-proof food canister plastic garbage bags
Flashlight and batteries Lantern and fuel Maps Nylon rope


Spade for cat hole Toilet paper Toothbrush and toothpaste Towelettes  Altimeter Bungee cords Binoculars Camera Compass GPS unit Water, Two gallons per person, per day. Food, Easy to prepare items like peanut butter and jelly, chicken noodle soup, chili. Hand crank AM FM Weather-band radio with extra batteries. (Charge cell phone & LED lanterns) First aid kit – get a big kit. 10 people, 10 day. You can never have too much first aid. Multi-purpose tool such as a multi tool. Survival knife, get a big sharp knife. Fire Starter X 2 in case you loose one. Personal hygiene products, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc. 2 Cell phones with chargers. Solar charger. Cash, smaller bills like 10’s and 5’s most likely people will not have change. Emergency blankets X 10 Pet food & supplies. Two way radios ( long range ) 20+ mile Extra batteries for the 2 way radios. Can opener. Survival whistle. Matches. Rain gear. Cotton towels. Tactical gloves. Tactical / military hat. Military grade scissors. Sleeping bags X 10. Large tarp. Trash bags. Soap.